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Sometimes when you are not well enough to make it to your happy place and you need someone to help you get there.

This beautiful lady’s happy place was her back deck. Unfortunalelly her deck would not accomdate her new meical bed and chair. Super AL to the rescue. When AL got the call from a family explaining their situation, it brought a tear to his eyes. AL & his crew knew they had to help. As many of us know, we are always waiting on our construction crew to start and look forward to that due date to have them finally show up to start MY project.

As AL always says and lives by his business code…. “Quality, Workmanship & Service”. AL already had many commitments with his client’s jobs all lined up to start work on. SERVICE being the operative word here in this circumstance… AL then called all of his clients whom he had promised due dates for thier jobs and asked if they minded if AL and his Crew at Twins Remodeling Company could postpone thier job to lift up a deck 6 inches to accomodate the family and to make the last few days of someones life … being able to be in thier happy place.

Humanity, Love and kindness always surface in others when needed… All of the clients agreed to have thier job started after AL and his crew at Twins Remodeling Company finished uplifting this huge deck for this lovely woman.

AL explains, “This new deck where we were able to use the old undercarriage was modified and raised up. Her old deck surface was rotting out. Her daughters called AL and explained the situation. It made AL cry. So, they signed the proposal on a Friday evening. AL calculated everything he needed to order to finish the job on Saturday. AL called all of his other clients and lined up all the workers and details on Sunday. On Monday, he ordered all of the materials then waited for all the items to be delivered to the job site. With that, he began the job on Wednesday and finished the job on Friday.

AL’s heart was touched… “The client’s mother only has a couple of weeks to live and her favorite place is out on her deck. So we raised her deck up 6″ from the old frame so her hospital bed can roll out. I called all my projects that where scheduled ahead of her and they all where ok with us doing this project ahead of them. There is hope for humanity.”